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 Zhineng Qigong Big Family is located in the Haikou city, Hainan province. It's near the sea and the park ,  Haikou Meilan Airport lies to the east of it, 35kms away.   So the traffic is convenient. Here the terrain is open, coconut trees are thick, blue sea touches the sky and sands are soft and white. When it is freezing in the north of China, here the sun beams brightly and climate is warm, which makes you much comfortable. This is a place for healing, treatment and practice with the theory and methods of Zhineng Qigong, and it is also a platform for exchange, improving and progressing together.
We emphasize on creating Qi field and making use of it, attaching importance to both theory and methods, practicing hard and skillfully and using the mind positively and actively, to acquire fruitful results.
Either healing or improving needs to depend on your own initiative and assiduous practice. The idea of recovering and improving easily is not realistic and reliable.
Of course, everyone's physical condition and goals are different, then the intensity of practice will be different. However, "starting with the body, getting enlightenment from the theory, and enhancing effect by creating Qi field", is the commonness. Practitioners need to enlightened and improve out of the practice.
We will try our best to bring some fruitful results to every practitioner coming here. We never forget Dr. Pang Ming's edification: "Curative effect is the lifeblood of Zhineng Qigong."
Traffic Route:
1, No.21 bus from airport to  Haikou city .  
2, Arranging a car to pick up you from the airport, and the cost is RMB150.             
3, Sending a car to pick up you from the railway station,and the
cost is RMB100.
Address: WanFu new  village, Five west  road, Hai dian island, Haikou city, Hainan province. Postalcode: 570208.
Tel.: 86-13005023165
Contact person: XuWen
We welcome everyone to ask us about practice questions . Using
skype, we will answer any health questions and give you some practice suggestions . We also can help you by checking your form and demonstrating correct form.  This can help you to deepen your practice and achieve strong, enduring health results.
Please make an appointment through our email.  Our email is:
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